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AP Chemistry is a US program that implements a college level curriculum. Students will be expected to participate in class at the university level and instruction will be a combination of high school style and university (lecture) style. The Course will begin with an indepth of the theories that form the majority of fields within chemistry, followed by a survey of those fields. The course will run from September until the first of May, so we are prepared for the Monday May 1st, 2017

We will use Chemistry: the Central Science, 13th AP Edition (Brown, LeMay)

The course is broken into 13 units:
Unit 1: Chemistry Fundamentals (5.9% )                          
Unit 2: Types of Chemical Equations (4.7%)                           
Unit 3: Periodicity (7.1%)                        
Unit 4: Gas Laws (4.7%)                          
Unit 5: Thermochemistry (5.9%)
Unit 6: Chemical Bonding (4.7%)                         
Unit 7: Liquids, Solids, and Solutions (4.7%)
Unit 8: Kinetics (5.9%)
Unit 9: General Equilibrium (7.3%)
Unit 10: Acids and Bases (6.0%)
Unit 11: Buffers, Ksp and Titrations (3.6%)
Unit 12: Thermodynamics (5.9%)
Unit 13: Electrochemistry (3.6%)
Lab Unit:
Exams (Lab, Midterm, Final) (30%)


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